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Mens Tailor Singapore

Mac, a multiple award-winning purveyor of bespoke suits, launches a new store concept and product range, Raffles Suits. While Raffles Tailor remains wholly focused on creating bespoke suits, Raffles Suits offers a range of ready-to-wear collections of the same name, hence opening the expertise and quality of Raffles Tailor to a wider clientele.

Tapping on some 35 years’ experience as a professional tailor and ready to charter another horizon, we have created a unique line of semi-finished suits, meticulously measured and constructed to be adapted to a wide range of sizes and body shapes and sold exclusively at our Raffles Tailor stores. Very comprehensive measurements are taken during fitting, and the suits are made in-house. Our Ready-made collections are for a different clientele who may not be ready yet to invest the time and expense in a bespoke suit, but who requires very high quality and value. “Our ready-to-wear collections bridge this gap between mass-produced and hand-made bespoke.” added Mac.

“Our ready-to-wear collections are high quality, floating canvas, fully lined, and expertly made. As a result, our suits drape over the wearer more naturally, being less stiff, and there is better air circulation through the material, making them feel cooler and more comfortable,” says Mac. Finishing touches such as sewing and positioning of the buttons are still done by hand to ensure highest level of customization.