Elegant Bespoke Handmade Suits by an Acclaimed London-trained Tailor

Every single detail on a suit, including the position of the buttons, is important to Raffles Tailor. To us, tailoring is a meticulous art just like architecture and must be very precise especially when it comes to the making of men's suits.

We have tailored suits for local newscasters, and recently, we also dressed the cast of a popular TV drama series.

Raffles Tailor also recently garnered the recognition of the industry when we won a highly acclaimed Gold Award in an Asian pattern-cutting convention held in South Korea.

World Federation Of Master Tailors (W.F.M.T.)

“I treat fashion and tailoring as an art and since I was trained in both tailoring techniques and fashion design, I can blend these two skills to design stylish and unique suits for my customers,” Mac said