Firday, 26 September,2014 11:34 AM - by James Green

Hi Mac,

I hope all’s well. I wanted to let you know that we had a lovely wedding in Bali and the suit you made me worked out really well. I received no end of compliments (which is very unusual!) and I absolutely loved everything about it - the jacket, the trousers and even the shirt. It’s definitely my best suit... by a mile.

Thanks again. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone who asks me for a good tailor.
All the best,

James Green
The Orange Cow | Remarkable Digital Marketing
+44 020 3397 3362 | +65 9151 5207 | +44 7974 119335
Skype: green_james | jim@theorangecow.com | www.theorangecow.com

Monday, 21 September,2014 9:34 AM - by William Stovin

Hi Mac/Eliza,

The suit is excellent and fits well. I would like to order another but not sure how to do so without seeing samples of material. Do you ever travel to London or is it better to wait until I'm next in Singapore ?

William Stovin
President & Chief Operating Officer
Markel International

The Markel Building, 49 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 2EA
Direct: +44 (0)20 7953 6915
Mobile: +44 (0)7785 238 989

Firday, 19 September,2014 11:34 AM - by Ian Kessell

Hi Mac,

Thank you they fit perfectly and look great.

I will back to discuss additional items next time I am in Singapore, which will be shortly.


Ian Kessell
Managing Director,
Business Development

FFastFill Asia Pacific Pte. Limited
Level 31 Six Battery Road
Singapore 049909
mobile: +65 9777 0055
web: www.ffastfill.com

Wendesday,27 February,2013 1:18 PM - by Adam Haque, Bangladesh

Hi Mac/Eliza,

I got the suits in time and I already worn 2 out of 3, the 3rd one I will wear today, God willing. The suits fit excellently. The trousers are a tiny bit loose because I have lost some weight during the last month. I will bring all the trousers to be altered by you when I am next in Singapore. But I am very pleased with your work and the cuts of the suits is excellent no doubt.

Thank you very much.

Adam T. Hague
Managing Director
Haque Brothers Industries Ltd., Haque Brothers Carbide Ltd.
Haque and Company Ltd., Haque and Company Dry Cell Ltd.

Thusday, 10 January,2013 10:54 AM - by Ravi Arumugam

Dear Mac,

Just wanted to drop a short note to say that I thoroughly enjoy the shirts, pants and vest that you have made for me.
They are simply fabulous and a joy to wear. I love what you have done with the vest and will come around to get more done.
As a credit to you I would like to share with you that my clients have commended on the brilliance of your bespoke tailoring.
I look forward to getting more of my office suits and shirts tailored by you.
Once again, thank you very much for making me look good.

Keep well and warmest regards.


Ps. I do apologize, this note is way overdue. I have been busy, though that it not a good reason. Cheers.

Ravi Arumugam
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner



Monday, 18 November,2013 9:34 AM - by Van Anh Duong

Hi Mac,

The Suits for Mr.Duong fit really well, Mr.Tam is on business trip he still doesn't have a chance to try the suit, but i think it will turn out great as well.

I will let you know once they all put it on for the wedding, only 1 week left.

Best Regards, Van Anh Duong

Thusday, 10 November, 2011 6:39 PM - by Natalia Yanshina,Russia

Dear Mac,

Hope this email will find you well.

Mr. Philipp Gens has got the parcel from you 2 days ago.

He likes everything very much (the quality is very high as usual) and he thanks you.

Best regards
Natalia Yanshina
PA to the President

Thusday, 10 November, 2011 6:39 PM - by Philippe Dens Russia

Dear Mac,

Was going to write you myself anyway!

Thank you, your suits are as always, beyond compare!

Thank you!


Wendesday,26 October, 2011 1:41 PM - by Geoffrey Bradd,Australia

Hi Eliza,

We received the boxes yesterday. Stephen is ecstatic about the quality of the shirting material and the fit.

I am very happy with the suit. It is well made, comfortable, and light, just as I had hoped. Thanks also for suggesting the fabric, which is very suitable.

Best Regards

Firday, August 20, 2010 7:45 PM - by Amit Kapur, United Kingdom

Hello Mac,

You might be happy to hear that not only is the suit you made my by far my favourite, but I get stopped all the time by people who want to know where to get one like it. Speak Soon,

Amit Kapur
Legal Division, Barclays Capital
5 The North Colonnade, London E14 4BB

wednesday,August 18,2010 12:35 PM - by Mark Harrison,Australia

Hello Mac,

Ah! It was worth the wait. It is beautiful, fits well and already has attracted favourable comments from my wife (this is important, of course) and my work colleagues.

In short, I am really happy with the coat.

Thank you for your wonderful service - I will recommend you to my friends.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Harrison

wednesday,May 12,2010 04:28 PM - by Mark Bell,Australia

Hello Mac,

I am very happy with the new suit and shirts, thank you. The workmanship, materials and fit are superb. I think the only thing would be that the jacket feels a little loose when buttoned, due to the weight I've lost.

Please go ahead and finalise the last suit with existing measurements, and I will (if you don't mind) scoot across to see you in the next month or so with the jackets for you to take a look, and you can get my "new" measurements on file for future orders (and there will be future orders!)

Thanks again

Best regards
Marc Bell

Monday,May 10,2010 5:46 PM - by Oliver Engelhard,Germany

Hi Mac,

I have finally received the 2nd suit. It is very nice.

Thank you.

I appreciate all your efforts in solving the tax issue.

Best regards,

Thursday,January 07,2010 9:39 PM - by Michaela Pavlicek, Switzerland

Dear Mac,

I wish you a Happy New-Year, too.

I have received the suits yesterday.

Thanks a lot for the great service the suits fit very well.

Best regards
Michaela Pavlicek

Hilti (Schweiz) AG
Soodstrasse 61
8134 Adliswil

Thursday,December 17,2009 9:22 PM - by Alexander Allie,Switzerland

Hi Mac,

No problem about the delay. I am happy that the suit is finally here·and it fits really well! just as perfect as the first one. very pleased!

Yes, fedex also delivered it in good condition.

Will contact you as soon as I need more/other shirts and/or a suit.

Thank you.

See you!

Best regards,

Monday,August 10:2009 2:57 PM - by Matthias Scheller,Switzerland

Hello Mac,

The suits (+ all trousers) and shirts arrived safely in Switzerland.

Everything is just wonderful.

Thank you very much!

I look forward to receiving the last shirt (no hurry from my side).

With kind regards,


Thursday,July 09,2009 10:26 pm - by Nick Haslett,United States

Dear Mac,

Thank you for your wonderful work so far, the suit you made for me is fantastic!

I have a small request regarding the pairs of trousers you are currently tailoring for me. Could you please make the belt loops just a bit larger than the ones on my suit?

My suit belt loops work well with my formal belts but the new trousers will be more casual and I will likely match them with slightly taller/thicker belts.

Warm regards,

Nick Haslett

Monday,May 11,2009 4:34 PM - by Rod McDow,UK

Hi Mac,

Everything looks great! The suit and shirts are fantastic.

The shirts seem just perfect.

Thanks again for your help!

Best regards,

Thursday, February 19,2009 8:40 AM - by David Nelson,Australia

Hi Mac,

The suit arrived in good order.

Thank you very much for the excellent tailoring. I have tried the suit on and it appears to be a good fit - despite the brief fitting process that my tight schedule allowed you.

I look forward to wearing the suit in the next few days and to seeing you again on one of my frequent trips to Singapore.

Best regards,
David Nelson
Chief Eexcutive Asia Pacific and Middle East

Thursday, January 22,2009 5:56 PM - by Thom Nobert, Switzerland

Dear Mac Ho,

We are very pleased with your delivery. It fulfills all our high expectations.

Thanks and best wishes to Eliza.

Best regards,
Thom Nobert

Firday, October 17,2008 1:09 AM - by Amit Kapur, United Kingdom

Hi Mac,

Sorry, I thought I had replied!

The suit is awesome. Just wearing it today to break it in, fit very nicely. Looks superb. Might get you to pop in a lapel buttonhole when I am back in Singapore, but really, the suit stops people in their tracks.

Liz loves hers - thinks it's too nice to wear!

Best money I ever spent on a suit, bar none.

Kind Regards,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 4:05 PM - by Cosmo Kedros, UK

Hi Mac,

Thanks yours below - really looking forward to getting them. Once you've worn a Raffles shirt, everything else is second-rate!

Will Get the transfer done today. So the money should go through by Friday, latest.


Best regards,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:12 PM - by Matthias Scheller,Switzerland

Hi Mac,

Thanks a lot for sending the suit!

I have received the suit without any interference by the custom.

The suit is great!

Since sending the suit works fine, I will for sure soon come back to you!

All the best!

With kind regards,

Monday, December 17,2007 1:51 PM - by Cameron Ford, Austraila

Dear Mac,

Thank you very much for the beautiful clothes - the suit, the shirt and the 2 pairs of trousers. They are magnificent.

Everyone here is very impressed with them.

Thank you again.

Best regards,
Cameron Ford

Wednesday, September 03:2006 4:48 PM - by Roy McCullough,UK

Hi Mac,

Sorry for the delay in responding! I wore the suit to the wedding and everyone commented on how good it looked.

Sent you a pict to prove.

All the best
Best regards,

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