Raffles Suits, the modern and elegant masterpieces of Mac Ho. Meticulously tailored to the finest detail, each suit promises to accentuate your professional image. Precisely measured for your unique body shape, and custom designed for your personal style, character, and profession, the result can only be one of timeless perfection.

Menswear that Exudes Sophistication in Singapore

For the ultimate in men’s tailoring, Raffles Tailor creates stylish and sophisticated menswear that perfectly fits your body. For a bespoke suit that will impress clients at an acquisition meeting, or a shirt that will never look out of place at an important event, we will create the perfect fit and an inspired design, every time. With a suit that is entirely comfortable and sophisticated, choose Raffles Tailor.

Each of our suits is a masterwork of intricate design and precision, fitting you exactly. Our tailors are world-class, and have been awarded many times over for their complete care and dedication in creating suits of perfection. They have more than 35 years of experience in the field, paying complete attention to every step of the process, from the first measurement to the last button.

Our menswear suits and shirts are made in the most timeless of styles, ensuring that your outfit will last for years. As well as this, each is made with premium fabrics, in cuts and styles whose styles will not fade. With fully lined suits, each is a work of comfort that feels excellent on your body.

Both bespoke and ready-made menswear

With both customised and ready-to-wear designs, we create and carry suits and shirts for every occasion in a range of classic styles to suit your needs.

Regarding our ready-made choices, each comes semi-finished. The only task left for us to do is fine-tune the cut to suit your body and your exact measurements.

Our tailors will assist you with your best suit yet

In Singapore, Raffles Tailor is your best option for a perfectly tailored suit or shirt that will impress anyone you meet. When you purchase your menswear with us, you’re assured a lifetime of comfort and style.

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